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knees and names

Hi, everyone-
    Several people have mentioned knee problems. The first time I back-
packed I blew out a knee and the second time I blew out the other one.
My solution has been to wear Ace spandex knee braces, which is not
fun on hot days but has meant the difference between agonizing pain
and no problem. I've never seen anyone on the trail wearing them, and
no one has mentioned them on this list, so I thought I'd pass it on. 
    Also, after a couple of years of section hiking with no trail name I de-
cided to join in the fun and take one. I probably will never do a thru-hike,
but I doubt that any end-to-ender could love being on the trail more than
I do. The meaning of the name I took should be apparent fron the above
    Thanks for the replies concerning iodine tablets. I'll definitely restock
each year, based on what I've heard.

Happy trails,

Jack Ray
"The Blue Ace"