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Re: running shoes/trailrunning/thru-run

On Fri, 29 Mar 1996, Howard Breinan wrote:

> Questions for you all:  What do you feel in general about trail runners?
>   Is a well-behaved and polite runner fully accepted on the trail?  Or 
>   does that rushing pace or light load somehow set them apart?  Are 
>   day-hikers/runners and overnighters equal in your eyes?  
> And one more time, how about the thru-run attempt at 52 days?  What 
>   issues about trail usage does this bring up?
>   I may have some answers and alternate points of view.  At the same
> Howie Breinan
> breinan@ortho.bwh.harvard.edu

I'm glad we all have different opinions about this topic, and everybody 
has a right to their own. Personaly, i think everybody's hike is their 
own personal thing. If some people want to run, well run! If some people 
wanted to somersault the trail i would not have a problem with that either.
I think to make disparaging and negative comments is perhaps to become 
elitist in attitude, and that is not what we should be doing.
I would never run the trail myself, firstly because i value my hiking 
pace as a good one to appreciate the whole aesthetic journey, and 
secondly because i just don't have it in me to run that far that fast!
However I sincerely wish a happy journey to anyone that would try.
Sorry to babble on like that, i just felt that i should = )
somersaulting through life right now...(cos it's spring!)