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Hip belt fit

Hello everyone...

I just purchased my first pack for weekenders etc. It's a Kelty Super 
Tioga and purchased it from REI.

The salesperson was very helpful and patient as I loaded it up with 30# 
and tried it on. We extended the frame to get a good fit. Once I got it 
home and was reading the pamphlet the was inside I realized that I may 
have been wearing it too low on my hips for the adjustment we made.

The pamphlet said that the hip belt should be *above* the points of the 
hip bones and the buckle would be approx. even with your belly button. In 
the store I had it at least 2-3" lower than this. As I recall, the 
salesperson didn't really coach me on the hip belt placement, just that 
the shoulder straps were wrong and we needed to lengthen the frame.

I'd appreciate any comments on this from the group.


PS. On the trail-name question regarding non-thruhikers...I may never
thru-hike myself, but I picked up the nickname 'Uncle Milt' years ago
that seems a good trail-name for me.