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Re: running shoes/trailrunning/thru-run

Date:          Fri, 29 Mar 1996 16:27:05 -0600
Reply-to:      at-l@patsy.hack.net
From:          "Howard Breinan"  <breinan@ortho.bwh.harvard.edu>
To:            Multiple recipients of list <at-l@patsy.hack.net>
Subject:       running shoes/trailrunning/thru-run

I joined this list a couple days ago to monitor the responses to a 
message a friend forwarded to this list seeking support for a runner
attempting a record thru run.  Unfortunately, I joined a few days late
and missed the discussion, which he seemed to indicate was quite
negative.  This did not surprise me, but I would like to ask a couple
questions at the end of this post.

And one more time, how about the thru-run attempt at 52 days?  What 
  issues about trail usage does this bring up?

Ummm how bout that is not what the trail was invisioned for?
What's the point? Name in the local paper?
  I may have some answers and alternate points of view.  At the same
time, I recognize that a traditional thru-hiker might look with 
distain at some guy blasting thru who isn't even going to sleep on 
the trail.
  I hope this generates some interesting discussion.

Howie Breinan