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Re: running shoes/trailrunning/thru-run

On Fri, 29 Mar 1996, Howard Breinan wrote:
> Questions for you all:  What do you feel in general about trail runners?
>   Is a well-behaved and polite runner fully accepted on the trail?  Or 
>   does that rushing pace or light load somehow set them apart?  Are 
>   day-hikers/runners and overnighters equal in your eyes?  

> And one more time, how about the thru-run attempt at 52 days?  What 
>   issues about trail usage does this bring up?
>   I may have some answers and alternate points of view.  At the same
> time, I recognize that a traditional thru-hiker might look with 
> distain at some guy blasting thru who isn't even going to sleep on 
> the trail.
>   I hope this generates some interesting discussion.

	Enjoyed your comments. To me, it doesn't matter how long or how 
fast your hike/run is, it matters more the civility of the people out 
there. There have been times I've "sampled" a beautiful area but because 
of time constraints, etc. couldn't stay long but came back to some of the 
spots years later. That a runner & a thru-hiker will see a different 
trail, I think is pretty certain but I can't say that we both don't still 
appreciate the beauty. I've noticed at times when I've been outdoors that 
in all groups, whether backpackers, canoeists, skydivers, etc., that 
you'll eventually run into someone who views the sport as a competition, 
the more-<name your sport/occupation>-than-thou when it's really a matter 
of seeing it in your own way. The last time I was on the AT meeting up 
with an old hiking buddy, I went running up the trail with full pack on 
fully expecting to be Hawkeye of the Last of the Mohicans but 
unfortunately I was more like Babe, the porcine hero. I do believe 
there's room for all of us.... Pat