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Re: gore tex socks

Sharon Sharpe writes while drying her feet:
 >> Chet.... Do goretex socks keep your feet dry?  Mostly your 
other socks?
>> I just hate putting on wet socks in the morning after hiking in 
the rain all the day before.

         Put it this way, they keep your feet a lot drier for a lot 
longer than if you didn't use 'em. They let me hike a lot longer 
and less miserable, in all day pouring rain. Of course, you know 
how long your boots stay wet after hiking so. That also whats good 
(to me) about GTX socks, than GTX boots, for the next day if it's 
not rainning, I put on dry socks, the GTX over them, to keep the 
socks from getting wet from the boots. Unlike GTX boots, which are 
still wet, GTX socks dry out a lot faster. If it's still rainning, 
I still do same thing. And I find them very good for going through 
snow. I also prefer to hike in hightop leather/nylon combo boots, 
like High-Tec's. I don't if this is correct, but before I take a 
long trek, I spray them with Campdry or Scotchguard, helps for me, 
or I'm pysched to think so! I love dry boots! I won't ford any 
stream, river, with them on. I carry a cheap pair of dive shoes, 
for that, and to use as camp shoes. Got Rocky GTX socks now, 
thinking of getting SealSkinz's.