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Re: Katahdin

On Fri, 29 Mar 1996, Steven Allardi wrote:
> I'm a Bostonian working off winter leg weariness and getting ready for 
> spring and summer hiking fun.  I'm planning a trip to Katahdin in Early 
> June and I'm wondering what the pros and cons are to bringing a canoe (will 
> it limit the great terrain I can see in 7 days? am i better off going in 
> with just a pack and a friend?) Unfortunately this season I am a 

	You might want to also pose this question for rec.boats.paddle 
newsgroup. They've had some good discussions re: canoing in Maine in 
recent weeks. There are lots of things to do & places to see just on 
foot. So hard to chose between 2 loves, isn't it?
	Happy hiking or paddling...Pat

PS: I'll forward a saved msg. re Rangely Lake to you...