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Re: Enuf fat?

In a message dated 96-03-29 14:21:39 EST, trailblazer@juno.com (Chet J Fromm)

>       That's very interesting, using corn oil. How many oz, 
>grams, whatever do you use per Lipton meal? And how do you carry 
>it, ie, all in one container, or like spread between something like 
>those little wiskey shot bottles? I carry peanuts and other nuts 
>also, their are the main part of my gorp mix. I believe that for 
>energy build up, peanut butter digests and gets to into the 
>bloodsteam faster, better so than a candy bar. after all,  peanut 
>butter is already past the breakdown of soild peanuts. 
I eat 1/2 of a Lipton meal for dinner and use the recommended amount of corn
oil which comes out about 2 of my soup spoons.  I carry it in a 8 oz nalgene
wide mouth bottle enclosed in a 1 qt. zip bag.  As a test of spoilage I have
left corn oil out in the Houston summer heat for a month with no indication
of degradation

I also use peanuts in my gorp and but I carry other mixed nuts in place of
peanut butter for a change of menu.  I tried eating peanut butter on my first
long distance trip and after three days couldn't stand eating it by itself so
I spread it on crackers.  But then this meant stopping, getting the peanut
butter and crackers out and all that fuss.  I keep my gorp and nuts and other
snacks for the day in a fanny pack worn in the front and just snack on the
go, not stopping for lunch.  Peanuts or peanut butter both contain about 180
calories/oz., which is 69% fat, 13% carbo, and 18% protein.  A Snickers bar
is 135 calories/oz ., which is 42% fat, 51% carbo, and 7% protein.  So, since
carbos digest faster than fat, theoretically a Snickers bar should give you a
faster pick up then peanut butter.  But then, if it works for you, keep doing

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