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Sounds like goretex is "out" for boots, but is it "in" for jackets/parkas?
I have searched the catalogs for truly light jackets and can't find any
that aren't really expensive.  I have a coated nylon jacket (7oz) which
is basically a plastic bag with pit zippers.  It definitely keeps tha
rain out, but the sweat in.  I have hiked in the rain with goretex too,
and still got wet either from the rain or the sweat.  thank god for
polartek and polypro, which kept most of the wet off my skin.
Is there any good way to stay dry other than staying in the shelter all
day?  Or do you just suck it up and go, no matter how much you spent
on your rain gear??

and to Jeff, Bob, Jim and all other free-footed folk... sorry about bashing
running shoes.  I didn't mean to sound like everybody's Mom....("All fun
and games until somebody breaks an ankle!").  Just my cautious nature.
Walk on, whatever you have on your feet!
(just be careful out there)