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Last Night on Rocky Mountain 2

Last year I posted to rec.backcountry an article called "Last Night on 
Rocky Mountain". Well it happened again this year and it was even better 
than last.

Rocky Mountain is about a weeks hike from Springer on the A.T. I 
frequent it often. Last night was very different than usual. By 7:00 
there were 7 of us on the top. Rocky still had some deep patches of snow 
from the storm a few days earlier. Mostly 6", but some as deep as 24". 
Rocky Mnt. has a beutiful view of Helen, Cleavland and Gainsville.

We decided to go into Helen for a food and beer run. Wendy's and KFC was 
the order with 12 Bud Lites. By the time I made it back to the summit 2 
other thru hikers had joined the party.

Cellular phones catch a lot of slack on rec.backcountry and at-l. Well I 
had mine and was offering calls to anywhere in the U.S. There were no 
frowns or smirks of high tech gear invading there hike and all took 
advantage of the offer. Mostly to say hi or to make changes to their 
next mail drop.

Special thanks to Evergreen and Rambo. I've given Rambo a new trail 
name. I now call her WUI (woooiiii, walking under the influnce).

Barry E. Henley - Riverdale, GA - U.S.A