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Re: Enuf fat?

>> BruceBaird writes:
>> I use plain corn oil with my Lipton dinners.  It's pure fat.  
With fat at 9 calories/gram and carbohydrate and protein both at 4 
calories/gram, its easy to see that for a given  total number of 
calories the lightest food weight will that one having the highest 
percentage of fat.  I also carry peanuts and other nuts rather than 
the peanut butter because the zip bag container for the nuts is 
lighter than the peanut butter jar and they are not as messy.
>>For two week section hiking I find that I can keep my caloric 
intake at its normal level, 2200 calories/day, without undergoing 
hunger pains, and lose 5 pounds of body fat.  If I would eat 
nothing but pure fat during a two week trip, and it didn't have to 
be packaged like oil, my total food weight would be 0.54 
pounds/day.  For a more normal diet of 35% fat and 65% 
carbohydrates and proteins, total unpackaged and perfectly 
dehydrated food  weight would be 0.84 pounds/day.  90% dehydrating 
efficiency and 95% packaging efficiency brings this up to 0.99 
pound/day, much less than the suggested 1.75 pounds/day for 
        That's very interesting, using corn oil. How many oz, 
grams, whatever do you use per Lipton meal? And how do you carry 
it, ie, all in one container, or like spread between something like 
those little wiskey shot bottles? I carry peanuts and other nuts 
also, their are the main part of my gorp mix. I believe that for 
energy build up, peanut butter digests and gets to into the 
bloodsteam faster, better so than a candy bar. after all,  peanut 
butter is already past the breakdown of soild peanuts. 

I've always figured a pound or slightly more per day, so if one is 
going to be out 10 days, you already know there's a least 10 pounds 
of weight, at less the first day.