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MSR XGK stove

Hi everyone,

Sorry, but this note has little AT content, it just seems like a friendlier
crowd here as opposed to rec.backcountry.

Here is my problem, I have recently received an MSR XGK shaker jet stove as a
gift. (I used to use a whisperlite)  When I started it up, the priming flame
almost set everything on fire. I swear, it was huge, and dangerous and I
wouldn't dare use it in a high risk area for forest fires.  Once it died
down, the flame was like a blast furnace, waaaay stronger than my old
whisperlite (or so it seems).   So how does one control size of the priming
flame? I tried everything I could think of, less priming fuel, less pressure
in the fuel bottle.

Thanks and again, sorry for the little AT content.
mark macbeth