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RE: boots/GTX

you wrote:
>introduce myself.  I'm 27 and I've been day hiking as long as I can
>permitting.  I'd like to do it before I reach 30 because as we all know it's
>all downhill from there....  ;->  (Wait!  Wait!  Let me get my
>flame-resistant undies on first!  Ok, now I'm ready.  Fire away!)

Well, down hill is easier than UP hill when you carry a load!
-consider yourself FIRED upon :-)

personally I have a pair of Vasque that are OLD but still working (although
getting a little bald on the tread).  They are 15+ years old and have been on
trails in over 25 states in all kinds of weather and surfaces - any you could
imagine I would guess and have LOTS of miles on them.  I guess I should just
write them a thank-you letter and pray the next pair will be as good.