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Re: duct tape on ankles

In a message dated 96-03-27 16:48:41 EST, Sharon writes:

> Give me a little background on your ankle injury and I'll see if I can come
with a better
>solution for you.  For blisters on ends of toes... moleskin might help
>but it also might just take up more "toe room".  You might make a donut with
>it and fill with vaseline (or bag balm --- which if you are truly an
>Illinois Flatlander, you should be able to find :-) ).

I hurt my ankle 3 yrs. ago on a leg press (too much weight I guess).  I went
to an ankle dr. when after a yr. it wasn't better.  He gave me a cortisone
shot (6 mo. later followed by another one).  The shots helped then
tendons--he said I had tendonitis (a catch-all phrase, but as true as an
diagnosis).  It was the tendon that ran down in front of the ankle bone and
down through a hole in the bone of the foot (sort of on top of the foot).
 Well, anyway, eventually I tried shoe inserts.  This was all after he got me
to buy running shoes because of the shock absorbancy in the heels.  Well,
that helped for a while but it never quite got the ankle better.  Then I
forgot to wear the inserts on the trail once and was without them for a week.
 I was fine, but the symptoms remained, but hadn't worsened.  I quit wearing
the inserts.  I went back to the dr. and had maybe 6 electrical stimulation
treatments......waalaa! .....pain was gone at last!!!!!!   However, since I
stressed it a little running up and down stairs it is bothering me some
again.  That's when it used to bother me the most....stairs.   It is probably
this cold damp spring weather that is making it cranky too.   So......I guess
I just keep babying it along.  Thanks for the offer of help, but I dunno if
anything will help except a new ankle.  It hasn't kept me off the trail, but
I never know if I will make it or not sometimes.