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Re: MSR XGK stove

On Wed, 27 Mar 1996, macbeth wrote:
> Here is my problem, I have recently received an MSR XGK shaker jet stove as a
> gift. (I used to use a whisperlite)  When I started it up, the priming flame
> almost set everything on fire. [snip].   So how does one control size of 
the priming
> flame? I tried everything I could think of, less priming fuel, less pressure
> in the fuel bottle.

I remember being woken up on the AT by a sound akin to a low flying 
jet.  My tentmate groaned and wondered what it was, fortunately, I knew 
what the XGK sounded like and that we didn't have to dive for cover, it 
was just the guys in the next site making breakfast.

No doubt, the XGK is a great stove, it will burn almost anything, 
anytime, and altitude, etc.  The problem is inherent to the design, and 
to a lesser extent is present in the whisperlight, too (I singed my 
eyebrows the first time I tried to light mine).

The problem is the lag time because of the fuel hose.  There is a few 
seconds worth of flow in the fuel hose (tube, whatever) so that even after 
you close the valve, the fuel in the hose still has to empty into the priming 
cup.  If you turn the valve off when you have enough fuel in the cup, you 
will end up with more than you planned for, because the stuff still in 
the hose is still flowing in.

The answer is to "know thy stove" after a while you should get the rhythm 
of it, and be able to figure out how early to shut the valve, so that the 
fuel still flowing will come out to exactly what you need.  It is an 
acquired but not impossible skill! 

Remember that if you let in too little fuel , you can always let in more, 
but if you let in too much, it is a pain to try and drain off or wait for 
some to evaporate, so err on the side of caution.

I've had my share of MSR accidents too, it just keeps me on my toes and 
takes care of those pesky split ends!


Jeff Mosenkis,                                                   
University at Albany - Psych, Anthro, Judaic Studies             

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