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Hello!  I feel like I know a lot of you, as I have been listening in,
but I figure it's about time I introduced myself.  My name 
Emily Duncan, and I attend Grove City College in PA, but am home in
Michigan for the semester.  At the beginning of May, a friend and
I plan on starting in Damascus, Va, and hope to finish in Harper's
Ferry, or possibly Harrisburg, PA.  I have learned so much from the
list so far, and I have a few questions of my own.  First, are
we going to hit a big wave of Thru-hikers at the start of May in 
Damascus, or will we be pretty much ahead of the majority?  A few gear
questions- Has anyone had experience with the Therm-a-rest ultra lite?
Is it comparable to the regular therm-a-rest in comfort?  Has anyone 
had problems with a not free-standing tent, such as the SD Clip
Jim, I'm glad you posted the opportunities for working witha trail
crew in Pa- the Morraine St. Park one sounded good!  Thanks, everyone!