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Re: intro

duncan@mdn.net wrote:

> First, are we going to hit a big wave of Thru-hikers at the start of May in
> Damascus, or will we be pretty much ahead of the majority?

You'll probably find yourself in the company of a pretty good wave of 
northbounders, although the numbers thin considerably by the time you'll 
start.  Also, you'll probably be going slower than they will, so you'll 
meet lots of new folks.

> Has anyone had problems with a not free-standing tent, such as the SD 
> Clip Flashlight?

Good tent for the price, real good weight to space ratio.  Lots of 'em 
on 2000-mile treks, haven't heard many bad experiences.  Might want to 
use a groundsheet though, if you plan to tent (as opposed to shelter)