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Bear Stuff

In a message dated 96-03-26 11:42:38 EST, you write:

>> Climb A Tree! (If it is practical and prudent.)  
> Hey, if one's life begins to flash before one's eyes, being prudent be
>damned, just climb! I'm hoping I won't have to resort to that, but thanks 
>for the tip anyway.

That is, don't try to outrun a griz to a tree that is a hundred yards away
and don't even bother with a black, since they can climb trees anyway.

BTW, as if you would have time to make such a determination, but a ranger in
Denali told me that there is a school of thought that says you can outrun a
griz down a steep incline since their center of gravity is such that they
must "lumber" down at a slow pace.

Also, anyone here happen to see the Mark Trail segment last week where a
woman in his camping party picked up a bear cub and brought it into camp to
"impress" her fellow campers?  Hilarious!  Of course, Mark saved the day by
grabbing the cub and fleeing the angry mother.

My favorite bear story ever has to be the one about the two teenagers who
were hunting up near Yellowstone and got charged by an angry sow griz.  As
the saying goes,  "You don't have to outrun a griz, you just have to outrun
your hiking partner."  Well, one kid was about 20 yards behind the other and
he jumped up and grabbed a branch, swung his legs up, and the bear ran right
underneath him and kept going after his buddy, who was soon able to scramble
up a tree.  I read this in the Billings paper in the Summer of 93 or 94.