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Re: A few more Newbie questions

HorusFGK wrote
>Also, how much pack weight should I count on budgeting for a camera?  I want
>quality slides, but figure an SLR is out of the question because of the
>weight.  I have a Nikon8008 that is a behemoth and am looking for something
>good, though not neccesarily a professional camera.  Weight, obviously, is a
>concern.  What did all you veterans carry with you?

I usually carry an SLR because I really like the effect that I get from a
polarizing filter and I have not found a light-weight, compact, non-SLR
camera that can take a polarizer. If the sun is out at all a polarizer will
make bright, saturated colors out of what would have been tinted grays.  Of
course, the polarizer has little effect when you are in heavy fog or when you
are walking in a cloud.  

Does anyone know of a super-light camera that can use a polarizer?  Until I
find one, I'll stick to my SLR.

Bob Shroy