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Re: A few more Newbie questions

My Cannonete 35mm point and shoot has the lens threaded for any filter 
that you want.  The only problem is that it is a smaller size than the 
normal filter that the stores alwas carry.  I have to special order 
filters for it.  I have had this camera for over 18 years and it has given 
me good service.

On Sun, 24 Mar 1996 09:59:04 -0600  ATTurtle@aol.com wrote:
>HorusFGK wrote
>>Also, how much pack weight should I count on budgeting for a camera?  I 
>>quality slides, but figure an SLR is out of the question because of the
>>weight.  I have a Nikon8008 that is a behemoth and am looking for 
>>good, though not neccesarily a professional camera.  Weight, obviously, 
is a
>>concern.  What did all you veterans carry with you?
>I usually carry an SLR because I really like the effect that I get from a
>polarizing filter and I have not found a light-weight, compact, non-SLR
>camera that can take a polarizer. If the sun is out at all a polarizer 
>make bright, saturated colors out of what would have been tinted grays.  
>course, the polarizer has little effect when you are in heavy fog or when 
>are walking in a cloud.  
>Does anyone know of a super-light camera that can use a polarizer?  Until 
>find one, I'll stick to my SLR.
>Bob Shroy

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