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Re: Shorts riding up

I haven't got a clue how some women can wear those bathing suits!!!  I can
tell you that *I* would never wear one.  They'd drive me right up a wall!  

I'm glad I could give you some laughs about the shorts problem.  I am getting
quite a collection of hiking shorts in search of the right ones.  I keep
thinking it is the hip belt, but it is made to grab the hips for a reason.  I
thought silkier shorts would cause less friction, but haven't found this the
solution either.  What sort of pack do you have?  Going naked would be a
solution, but I'm not into that!  I'd scare everyone on the trail if I did
that too!

I've enjoyed reading the other contributor's equipment lists.  I noticed mine
was incomplete (the "clothes" section was missing). Maybe this will be on
Monday's listing.

IL Fltlndr