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Re: Springer

At 09:56 AM 3/20/96 -0600, you wrote:
>> what does the Springer Mtn. terminus look like?  The limited pictures 
>> I've seen make it appear pretty wooded.  Is there a view?
>Yep there's a realy nice view.  And it's a "natural" one too!! No cities to
>look at, just wide open mpountains for quite a way.  I've got this habit that
>when I get to a nice view now, I take my 35 mm point and shoot and take 
>however many frames I can panning from one side to the other.  When the
>get back, I tape them together so I get the "original" view.  It gives me a
>bigger picture than those panoramic camera/film/adapters do.  Anyway, I've got
>a nice 4 frame shot of the view of mountains and valleys from Springer on my
>fridge (Along with 2 others, Overlooking Pearisbug from Angels' Rest and
>looking over Peterstown, WV from Rice fields on Peter's Mountain) and 
>everyone asks where they are.  Anyway, that's a long winded, "Yes, there's
>a pretty decent view from Springer."  :-)
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>                                1872 Pratt Drive Suite 1200
>                                Blacksburg, VA 24060

Hello Schuyler,

     I lived anyway. Damn cold out there. I made it only to Catawba. A
couple of days of rain and snow made the camping rather miserable. I
probably would have stuck it out if I had some company, but I quit a day
early. The first 3 days were excellent. Tinker Mt and Cliffs were
outstanding. Sorry I didn't get to visit Blacksburg. I stayed in Salem. My
hitchike took me there from catawba.