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bit of weather on the trail

> Today was cool, rainy, and very windy in central Carolina. Our friends on
> the trail must be having abit of weather tonight.
>                                            Steve Coombs
>                                           GA 89 > ME 21st century

You are correct, Steve.  Here in the heart of the Smokies, we had anywhere from
1 to 3 inches of snow last night.  It was windy and blowing snow all day
yesterday in the lower elevations from 2200' to 3000'.  At about dark last
evening the rate of snow increased; as did the wind.  Winds gusted to 40mph.
It is still windy today and light snow is expected.  Current temperature is 25
F.  You can be sure that the higher elevations in the Nantahalas and Smokies
and farther north near the Roan got much more snow than we did.  I would expect
around 6 - 10 inches at Newfound Gap.  And the wind was probably much stronger. 
Al in all, yesterday or today are not days I would have deliberately chosen to
go hiking.
I understand from talking with my sister on the other side of the Smokies (TN)
that the weather was pretty much the same there, with more snow in the
northeastern mountains of TN near Hampton/Roan Mountain.  Northern Georgia
mountains did not escape the snow and windy conditions.

The next trip report from Nexmo and Download should be interesting.  They ought
to have been somewhere approaching the Standing Indian or Rainbow Springs
(Wallace Gap) area by yesterday.  

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