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Re: my trip

> hello.
> people have been writing about the overuse of the trail. i wouldn't know,
> since i ahve yet to thru-hike (but i will!). but what i want to know
> is if the appalachian trail still is something special and that is 
> why people use it so much or is it a fad? maybe it depends on what people expect
> from hiking the trail.
> when i leave for the trail in mid-april, i expect some things from the trail and
> my trip. i want to take a nice, long walk in the woods. see beautiful wild-
> flowers, birds, porcupines, maybe a nice bear. get wet with rain. climb
> mountains. find a waterfall. meet nice people. be myself while i am wandering
> in the woods. get lost. eat wild blackberries. laugh. have adventures. have good
> memories of my trip. is that a lot to expect?

       Perhaps it's a fad to some who start out from Springer but it
       is certainly something special to those who make it past
       Damascus. I'm not sure I'm going to find it more special than
       the routes I've chosen for my bike trips but I will probably
       find it no less so either.

       What you wrote above is not too much to expect at all
       (except the bear part, you may meet one but I'm not sure he'll
       be nice!). You may also meet a few jerks, get SOAKED and cold
       with rain (or sleet or snow) and have otherwise down moments
       sometimes. But as you expect, the memories should ALL be good.
       Just make sure you know which blackberries are the good ones.

       A side note to you here Christeena, you said previously
       you were from the midwest. I met a Christeena from Kansas a
       few years ago. So while this is a one in a gazillion shot,
       are you about 20 and from northeast Kansas? Also, when do
       you plan to start out? I'm leaving on April 4th.

						     --- Ron K ---