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my trip

people have been writing about the overuse of the trail. i wouldn't know,
since i ahve yet to thru-hike (but i will!). but what i want to know
is if the appalachian trail still is something special and that is 
why people use it so much or is it a fad? maybe it depends on what people expect
from hiking the trail.
when i leave for the trail in mid-april, i expect some things from the trail and
my trip. i want to take a nice, long walk in the woods. see beautiful wild-
flowers, birds, porcupines, maybe a nice bear. get wet with rain. climb
mountains. find a waterfall. meet nice people. be myself while i am wandering
in the woods. get lost. eat wild blackberries. laugh. have adventures. have good
memories of my trip. is that a lot to expect?