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Re: Introduction

> Will there be any reasonable chance of finishing a traditional GA -> ME 
> thru hike if we start around 5/5?  If so, will it have to be rushed to a 
> marathon pace?

     There's a chance, but it would require a steady (15 mi/day avg) pace,
     no major delays, and no early snowstorms on Katahdin.

> If we can't hike straight through what might be some of our other
> alternatives?  We thought about a flip-flop, but we've talked to another
> couple who finished a thru hike 10 years ago and they said it might be
> quite a disappointment if you don't complete a hike at Katahdin.

     Perhaps Katahdin is the nicest place to finish but ask yourself,
     "Will finishing someplace else ruin the 5 months leading up to it?"

> Will there be others starting around this time, or will we be with only 
> day hikers and weekend hikers?

     Most thruhikers will be gone by then but I remember two guys 
     posting that they would be starting the first week of May.
     Enjoy hiking without the huge throngs!

						   --- Ron K ---