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Re: my trip

On Wed, 13 Mar 1996, Christina S. Young wrote:
> when i leave for the trail in mid-april, i expect some things from the trail and
> my trip. i want to take a nice, long walk in the woods. see beautiful wild-
> flowers, birds, porcupines, maybe a nice bear. get wet with rain. climb
> mountains. find a waterfall. meet nice people. be myself while i am wandering
> in the woods. get lost. eat wild blackberries. laugh. have adventures. have good
> memories of my trip. is that a lot to expect?

	Expect that ( you won't be disappointed!) and so much more! 
You'll probably find times that the trail is like a big boulevard with 
numerous hikers, long-term & day types, esp. on weekends but I've found 
that the numbers decrease significantly during the week, esp. on some of 
the less urbanized areas. You'll have many times of solitude and many 
times of semi-crowds but I learned to enjoy both. (Ok, there was one boy 
scout troop that was a nuisance at a Smokey's shelter, but there were 
also 5 other boy scout troops/ royal ambassador troops that shared their 
dreams and food with us & I look back on that time & my journal confirms 
really pleasant encounters -- )
	Have a great trip this year -- I am so envious!