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Re: Bears


No, I'm a sectionist. This year we are hiking north out of Damascus in late
May or early June; then we will hike from probably the Mt. Rogers area or so
northward in mid-october.
Then we will do some more property looking in NC.  We want to locate
somewhere outside of Asheville (north to northwest).

Six bear, huh?  The only time I see them is from my car window!  Saw a red
fox from my car window in the GSNP  :-o

I've been starting to study this year's new gear in the catalogs.  I'm
starting to get anxious to get over to REI or anyplace else that has gear
around here.  REI is the closest as far as having much gear.

Didn't you say you were from NC?

IL Fltlndr

Where are you hiking this year?