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Trail connections

On 26 Feb,  Cap Introne said - Think how great it would be if all the "long"
trails were connected like a large wilderness interstate highway system.

Hey Cap - a lot of them are.  If you use a US map and draw in the north-south
trails it looks like they're not connected.  But if you add the Pacific
Trail, the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail, the North Country Trail, the Lewis
and Clark, the Santa Fe Trail, the ADT and a few others, we've already got
a good start on a nationwide trail network.  Not that it couldn't use a little
filling in here and there.

Supposedly there are over 30,000 miles of trails in the US.  I think
that might be a severe underestimate.  I know that Pennsylvania alone
has over 2000 miles of marked and maintained trails - excluding the AT.
And we're building more.  Virginia, West Virginia, New York, even
Maryland and New Jersey each have hundreds of miles of trail.
How about the rest of the world?

One of the problems has become that a lot of people use the trails, but
don't give anything back to them.   There are a lot of trails out there
that could use some TLC.   One of my pet peeves is people who want to
build more long distance trails, but have never spent a day on trail
construction or maintenance.   Hey - enuff soap box.

Have a good day,