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Mt. Wash'n in September

Here is something that may be of interest to AT-ers.

I hike a great deal in the NH Whites, though I don't range much beyond that
area.  Once, in response to a Newsgroup ("Backcountry") bulletin board
query, I looked over my recent hiking records and posted an account of the
weather I had encountered at the Mount Washington summit on various
September hikes in the past few years.

Someone (I don't know who) evidently thought this of sufficiently broad
interest to copy and add it to the "New Hampshire" WWW page as a sub-link.
The URL is


I look forward to late August - early September, BTW, when the
through-hikers are coming by, and thoroughly enjoy a chat with them.  When
traversing the long, open ridge between Mts. Washington & Jefferson, or on
the Crawford Path, also long & open & above-treeline, I can spot them at a
great distance and usually tell them from casual dayhikers when yet far
away.  How?  I'm not sure.  I guess the AT-ers walk in a relaxed, casual
way - they know where they're going and know just the pace they enjoy that
will get them there.  Not to mention: they pack much gear & look bronzed.
It's a natural healthy look - one you could never get at a million tanning

I am impressed by the number who, when I hike along alone with them and
chat a bit, observe that this long hike is one of the most memorable things
they have done in their lives.

Best wishes to all.

Lindsay Russell