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Re: Questions

One Step wrote:

>Packing Boy Scouts dudes!!!!!!!  The future of trails and outdoor recreation
>is partially in your hands.   Keep on taking care of the wildness.  Hey I
>to be a scout, maybe I should put some action where my mouth is.  Hey 
>maybe all of us should do a little more volunteer work on our nations tails.
>Talk is Cheap

Without a doubt!!  Trails require constant maintenance, and with budget
cutbacks everywhere our trails are being neglected.  I strongly urge everyone
in this group to
put some time (think if everyone gave just one day of their time what shape
the trails would be in).  Call your local trail organization and find out
when they have scheduled work days, or how to adopt a trail.  It's easy and

Telly(who does put in action over words)dude