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Re: at extensions

On Sat, 24 Feb 1996, Jim Bruton wrote:

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> "The AT is not only for marathon hikers ..." I agree. 
> But you just said you're objecting to lengthening the trail based on the
> difficulty of thru-hiking the longer trail. 
> With all due respect, the second point of view gets it backward. The AT 
> doesn't exist just for thru hikers.
> There may be reasons for not lengthening the trail, but whether that 
> makes a thru hike harder shouldn't be one of them! 
I didn't mean to imply that the AT is only for thru-hikers. Until I get 
the oportunity in 1998 to thru-hike the AT I am a section hiker myself.
I don't mean to start an argument here, I just wanted to share some of my 
feelings and views on the issue of lengthening the trail.
I beleive that substantialy lengthening the trail may make it 
intimidating to those considering hiking the length in it's entiretiy <s?>.
They may have to start much earlier in rougher weather, hike much longer 
days, and maybe finish later, also in rougher weather. This could make it 
hard to "stop and smell the roses" along the way. To me, I consider the 
roses integeral <s?> to the whole experience. To be able to stop for half 
a day and sketch something beautiful, or to think about life as you take 
a day to merely meander through some great scenic places.
I agree that nothing in life is safe from changes of some sort, and the 
AT should reflect that. The length the AT is now is a challenge, but one 
most who want to thru-hike can meet. 

Walkabout GE-->ME '94--> ?

ps i don't think my argument should be any Reason That AT Should Not Be 
Lengthened, but it is merely my personal emotional opinion, and somthing 
to think about. My husband and I have been talking the whole "lengthen 
the trail discusion" and his opinion is that lengthening the trail would 
narrow the starting time for thru-hikers down considerably. This could 
tax all kinds of resources if all the thru-hikers bunch up in narower groups.
anyway....just our 2 cents worth.

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