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Re: at extensions

On Fri, 23 Feb 1996, Anna Brown wrote:

> My husband (...Strider... '94) and I totally agree with all you have to 
> say about this issue. I personally beleive stronly that anyone who wants 
> to hike the AT should have a chance at doing it, without being too 
> intimidated by the effects of lengthening the trail (more miles per day, 
> rougher weather at each extremity etc) The AT is not only for marathon 
> hikers but also exists in aesthetic boundaries. 
> anna:)
> Walkabout GE-->ME 94-->?

"The AT is not only for marathon hikers ..." I agree. 

But you just said you're objecting to lengthening the trail based on the
difficulty of thru-hiking the longer trail. 

With all due respect, the second point of view gets it backward. The AT 
doesn't exist just for thru hikers.

There may be reasons for not lengthening the trail, but whether that 
makes a thru hike harder shouldn't be one of them! 

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