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Re: at extensions

On Sun, 25 Feb 1996, Anna Brown wrote:

> On Sat, 24 Feb 1996, Jim Bruton wrote:
> > There may be reasons for not lengthening the trail, but whether that 
> > makes a thru hike harder shouldn't be one of them! 

> I beleive that substantialy lengthening the trail may make it 
> intimidating to those considering hiking the length in it's entiretiy <s?>.
> I agree that nothing in life is safe from changes of some sort, and the 
> AT should reflect that. The length the AT is now is a challenge, but one 
> most who want to thru-hike can meet. 
> anna:)
> Walkabout GE-->ME '94--> ?
> ps i don't think my argument should be any Reason That AT Should Not Be 
> Lengthened, but it is merely my personal emotional opinion, and somthing 

Anna - 

OK, as I read you, you're saying you wouldn't like the trail lengthened 
because it makes it hard to thru hike, but you wouldn't hold this up as a 
reason to argue against lengthening the trail.

I'm willing to let this thread die a natural death if you are! :)

FWIW, nature is finally giving us a good, honest snow storm out here in 
the Four Corners area! It's spirit-lifting to watch.

Peace & May You Never Stumble on the Roots,


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