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Re: at extensions

In a message dated 96-02-24 12:41:32 EST, you write:

>We in Vermont consider the AT an extension of the Long Trail (the preceder
>the AT), but you never hear us demanding the AT be blue blazed.  Life
>and changes, so should the trail.

Aren't Vermont and Texas two other countries within U.S. borders? 

In 1973, a local Vermonster told me that the only thing an out of state hiker
brought to Vt was dirty laundry and less than $5 dollars. I was  caching food
drops for a LT thru hike and stopped for directions and asked about a
backroad where the trail crossed and believe it or not, the man looked back
and forth up and down the road, started to speak a few times, and said "you
can't get there from here". I started to laugh and he stood there stone
faced. I've never recovered.

A Vermont story

A woman moved from Massachusetts to Bennington, Vt with her family at age
She marrys, has kids, grows old, and dies there in Bennington at age 99. The
Bennington newspaper obituary reads, Massachusetts Woman Dies.

I love that Long Trail Ale though.

Jim Lemire