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Re: at extensions

Evergreen wrote:

>>>About the AT being extended southward into Alabama:  I've also heard talk
extending the AT northward into Canada.   <snip>  Too many
thru-hikers already take a mad dash approach to the miles.  I remember a
friend saying that some thru-hikers wouldn't go a quarter mile off the Trail
to see their grandmother get buried.<<<

They're hiking the AT for the wrong reasons.  The AT is not a hurdle to be
overcome.  But a process, a way of life. 

>>>And certainly going beyond Katahdin up north means ending with
anticlimax--I'm not sure about down south.<<< 

Though I have to admit Katahdin is an excellent exclamation point at the end.

>>>So my opinion--let's consider those extensions side trails, lengthy
trails.  Blue blaze 'em.  I think of the AT as a sacred place  with a
meaningful tradition, and I hesitate to mess with it.<<<

We in Vermont consider the AT an extension of the Long Trail (the preceder of
the AT), but you never hear us demanding the AT be blue blazed.  Life evolves
and changes, so should the trail.