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Thanks and Goodbye!

Well, this is my last message to our list until I return at the end of 
August!  I want to thank everyone here for the advice on butter, stove 
fuel, water containers, filtering, and all the other topics I have thrown 
at you guys in the past few months...your advice has been better than any 
book I could have gotten.  Thanks especially to Bald Eagle - although I 
haven't written you backchannel or through the list to let you know - 
your advice and straight forward thoughts have greatly effected me in a 
positive way...I have had the closing of your last letter in my head for 
a week now and will undoubtely carry it to the Trail - "Go all the way, 
it's worth it."  I plan on going all the way, Jim.  I will allow the AT 
to be my grave before I voluntarily walk off it...

If you all are here on the list come September, I'll let you know how it 
went.  Again, thanks for everything....

One By Land
GA->ME 96'

p.s. I'll be on the "wire" for 2 more hours for any last minute advice you 
might have :)