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Hellooo out there....

Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself..... I have been with this mailing 
list for a couple of weeks now, and I wanted to say hello. I am a section 
hiker, with dreams of a thru-hike when i get the chance. My husband 
thru-hiked in 1994, and we hope to thru-hike together next-time. I first 
met him while he was taking a week off the trail, and then I spent some 
time on the trail hiking with him, getting to know each other. It was a 
real period of getting to know each other, talking, sharing etc. I will 
never forget that.
I am from Australia, (hence the trail name "Walkabout") and did some 
hiking there, before I came here. (Ireally miss Australia somtimes)
I am also into climbing, white water, art, coffee, herbalism, learning,
being outside in general.
I am really enjoying the comraderie (sp?) with this mailing list. Of 
course the AT does attract a wonderful bunch of people!
Anna Brown
Walkabout  ME-->GE  '94-->?