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Re: Pack weight

>Could you run it by me on how the efferdent tabs work on the filter?

Jim -

I used an MSR Waterworks filter.   It's  3 stage.  The paper filter gets
replaced when it''s clogged.  The carbon filter can be rejuvenated somewhat
by scraping the outer layer.  But there's a metal mesh filter that's the
reason for the Efferdent tablets.  When it got clogged, I'd  clean it as much
as possible and then drop it in a cup of water on top of the Efferdent tablet.
Worked well, but it was a pain to carry the tablets all the time.  This was
the procedure recommended by the MSR customer service rep.

Good point - if your hiking the Trail, it's a good idea to have the customer
service phone numbers for whatever equipment you're carrying.  Most
companies are - or at least were - really good about replacing broken/
malfunctioning gear for thruhikers.  For me, the MSR rep got to be a
familiar voice for a while.  And then there was the broken pack frame
that Camp Trails replaced - and the boots that Vasque replaced.

I can't tell you about maintenance on other filters, but the MSR was
finicky and I got to know all the tricks.   But it worked.

Good luck,
Jim owen