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Re: AT Water

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Andy Burchett wrote:

> Another question occured to me last night - water storage?

> just looking for some kind of average as I have no idea what to expect?

I carried up to a gallon, but that's really too much. I'd fill up all 
bottles and hike half a day or more on that much. I just hated pumping 
water through that filter, so I wanted to minimize how many times a day I 
had to do it - two to three times a day, as it worked out. Once at 
breakfast, and once before making camp. Sometimes also around mid-day, if 
the day was hot. 

Several thru hikers commented that that was way too much to carry. I met
several who carried no more than a quart while walking. I will try that
this summer, but one has to evaluate the distance/time/consumption 'till
the next water source - and that's something you don't want to get caught
without enough of. 

IMHO, an extra couple of ounces to boost your carrying capacity is worth 
it when that time comes when you'll need it. I saw a lot of people liked 
those OR water bags. 

An often used trick I saw was to use one large container (like the OR 
bag) to scoop up a huge amount of water and bring it back to camp, then 
filter as much as needed. My solution, as I mentioned, was just to  
filter a gallon at a time.