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Re: Purifying Water

>Another question if I may...
>Do water purification tablets work as effectively as a filter system
>(such as Sweetwater)?
>I can see myself filling up my water bottle mid day and dropping a few
>tablets in it and then continue walking while the stuff purifies - it
>seems faster than a filter and I can save the use of the filter (and the
>life of the cartridge) for at camp...Is this a common practice and/or a
>good idea as far as having healthy water goes?

They do, and weigh less, BUT, the iodized water tastes absolutely terrible.
To test the iodine, I filled up a water bottle from the outside hose and
put in the recommended dosage.  UGH! SPIT! SPIT! Others say you can mask
the taste with dissolved vitamin C tablets, koolade, or gatorade, but it
didn't work for me. I bought a First Need filter about 3 years ago.  Its a
pain, but has held up well in light duty use. I guess what I'm trying to
say is if you are considering using iodine, test it first to make sure
you'll be able to drink it.

Just my two cents,

P.S. Good luck on the trail!

Lew and Catherine Middaugh