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Re: AT Water

Hi Andy!,
Personally I think carrying water isa really individual thing. Some 
people get away with carrying a whole lot less than others. I carry about 
2 litres  (hmm about half a gallon?) which is two Nalgenes worth for me. 
Sometimes more sometimes less. My husband used a waterbag for about half 
of his thru-hike. (oh, i also sometimes use old pepsi or mountain dew 
"big slam bottles" They are easy to drink from, cheap and disposable. 
They are a litres worth.)
Hope this helps.:)
Walkabout GE-->ME  '94-->?
ps It has been fun reading your comments and questions. You sound pretty 
enthusiastic about the whole thing. I hope you have a terrific hike.

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Andy Burchett wrote:

> WOW!  I just came into work this morning and saw a whole in box with 
> subjects like re: water purification!!  You guys are great.  These 
> discussions and advice are really helping me in the final 13 days...
> Another question occured to me last night - water storage?
> I was originally planning on taking a small side-of-pack-attached water 
> bottle and holder, a 32oz water bottle, and a MSR Water Bag...Do any of 
> you past thru/section/long distance hikers think this is adequate?  
> Should I take *two* 32oz water bottles?  Any other suggestions/advice? 
> And one more question...how much water do thru hikers find themselves 
> carrying at one time?  I know it varies from hiker to hiker, but I am 
> just looking for some kind of average as I have no idea what to expect?
> Again, thank you guys so much for your time and helpful responses...my 
> inbox has been worth it's wieght in gold so far...
> One By Land