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AT Water

WOW!  I just came into work this morning and saw a whole in box with 
subjects like re: water purification!!  You guys are great.  These 
discussions and advice are really helping me in the final 13 days...

Another question occured to me last night - water storage?

I was originally planning on taking a small side-of-pack-attached water 
bottle and holder, a 32oz water bottle, and a MSR Water Bag...Do any of 
you past thru/section/long distance hikers think this is adequate?  
Should I take *two* 32oz water bottles?  Any other suggestions/advice? 
And one more question...how much water do thru hikers find themselves 
carrying at one time?  I know it varies from hiker to hiker, but I am 
just looking for some kind of average as I have no idea what to expect?

Again, thank you guys so much for your time and helpful responses...my 
inbox has been worth it's wieght in gold so far...

One By Land