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Dog-sitting possibility, etc.

Thought I would forward this message from the guestbook to the list.  
Maybe someone would be willing to take them up on the dog-trade offer...


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Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 21:45:29 -0500
From: 103756.475@compuserve.com
To: kathy@fred.net
Subject: Guestbook

My wife (Renee) and I (Dave) will begin our thruhike late this April. It's 
really exciting to read about all the others who are planning the same. 
We're well on our way to selecting and completing all our gear 
purchases, although the food planning is a little daunting. We're 
actually trying to dehydrate much of our food ourselves, and have it 
mail-dropped to us.

Your page is a great info source and I get a real kick out of it. Helps 
us realize  how many people have been successful. And even those who 
don't make it all the way still assure us it's a great trip. Looking 
forward to joining the ranks.

We live in the Detroit area now, but will relocate after finishing the 
trail, to northern NH. One problem we have now is, who will take care of 
our spunky 15 year old dog, Mindy, while we're gone. She has the heart 
of a hiker, but not the hips, we fear. We're talking her up to our 
friends, but if any past, future or would be thru hikers could aid us... 
We'd even be willing to dog swap. You watch Mindy this year, we watch 
[fido's name here] next year. For more info, e-mail soon (before my 10 
free hours on compuserve expire and I change my e-mail address) or snail 
mail at 7818 Mead, Dearborn MI 48126.

ALSO love to compare notes with other 96 AT thru hikers, maybe even rides.