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Re: Rain Gear, recoating query.

On Sun, 11 Feb 1996, Jeff Mosenkis wrote:

> In any case, when the coating wears off, I'll just use a Nickwax 
> recoating solution.  I'll have probably shredded them long before then, 
> but I'm sure I'll have gotten my money's worth by then.

	I'm curious what this Nickwax recoating solution is. Is it good 
for recoating large areas, i.e. tent fly & rain pants? Easy to use? For 
the last 20 years I've hiked with coated-nylon rainpants, poncho & 
anorak...the pants have most of their orig. coating but I removed the coating
from the others due to an unfortunate incident with fermenting beef 
stroganoff that rendered those 3 items as unfit for most noses. I could 
live with it but my husband & friends were ready to banish me to another 
trail. So, I'd like to redo the coats. I'm a bit leery of a silicon spray 
coat being as good for rain protection.
Thanks for the input...I've been looking for the right fix...

Pat "the last menagerie" '81

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