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Unglued Boots

>I have most of my gear already, but still have a few items to pick up.  I
>have a pair of Zamberlan Boots that I recently bought from REI.  They are
>the only pair of boots that I've found that really fit, but the glue is
>already coming undone in a few places. I suppose this is common.(Just
>bring a full tube of shoe glue) I'm also thinking of supplimenting the
>pair of boots with some cross-trainer shoes.  This would mean I wouldn't
>have to buy 4 pairs of 140+ dollar boots.  Many times I would rather hike
>in lightweight fabric/leather boots or shoes anyway.  Is this this a
>good idea?
>I'd appreciate any input.
>Happy trails,
>Mike Hartman (Acer)
>mhartman@moccasun.utc.edu or

   The idea of starting a thru hike with boots that are all ready coming
apart kind of scares me. Even with a tube of glue handy sounds like you're
setting yourself up for a real hassle. Can't you take them back to REI for
a new pair?
Otherwise you may be using those lightweight backups sooner than you think.
   Have a great hike... Steve