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Re: Camera Film

Unless you are using professional film, which is made to have a more exact
exposure latitude that normal film and thus requires refrigeration for peak
performance, I've generally found that keeping the film at room temperature out
of the sun is perfectly adequate.  Also, unless you are trying to put together a
book like David Muench's "Uncommon Places" you will do fine with normal film.

A big concern on the AT is how to continue to keep it protected once you've
handed it over to the USPS for delivery.  Because most post offices are air
conditioned, your mail drop package should not be sitting around sweating, and
when you mail in your film from the trail, the thing to avoid would probably be
letting it sit in a sun-exposed mailbox over a weekend. Definitely mail from
inside the post office.

I think issues of keeping the film cool in your pack were already discussed.  If
you are looking for a great place to buy film in bulk, let me recommend B&H
photo of New York city.  This place can sell you most film for <$10/a roll which
includes developing.

Brian Gruber