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Re: Hello (Early Spring weather)

On Wed, 19 Jul 1995, E. George Oeser wrote:
> thinking about setting off on March 1 so as to avoid some of the crowds, but 
> I am concerned about the weather. Any advice on this, or any other aspect of 
> doing a thru-hike would be greatly appreciated.

It is my understanding that the folks in Georgia recommend a starting 
date of no earlier than April 15 because of the possibility of severe 
weather.  However, I don't think many people abide by this suggestion.

Have you visited the A.T. Advice for Hikers section?  There is a big file 
af advice there from several different former thru-hikers.  Also - you 
should probably get a copy of the Thru-hikers Handbook and/or the A.T. 
Companion - both of which are available from the ATC.

--Kathy Bilton

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