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When to start


I've not done a through hike yet, but I live in Atlanta, Georgia and have seen a 
few folks start off.

If you leave on March 1 you can probably count on cold weather through the 
smokies.  Probably no snow till you get to the SMNP.

You'll be ahead of most of the through hikers, but there will be others with 

Don't be too quick to get away from the crowds.  I've had the pleasure of a 
several week long hikes along the Georgia - North Carolina stretch in early 
spring, and traveling with the potential through hikers is a blast.

It seeems that most through hikers start from mid March through mid April.


Frank O'Shaughnessy

On Wed, 19 Jul 1995, synergy@nc5.infi.net (E. George Oeser) wrote:
>O.k., I guess I should introduce myself. My name is George and I am fairly 
>new to backpacking. I am planning on doing a thru-hike in 97 (hopefully that 
>will give me enough time to make several more hikes, and learn a bit more 
>about what I am doing) and was wondering what is a good time to start. I am 
>thinking about setting off on March 1 so as to avoid some of the crowds, but 
>I am concerned about the weather. Any advice on this, or any other aspect of 
>doing a thru-hike would be greatly appreciated.
> George