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[at-l] history - was (no subject)

 I don't think Jim realizes he has just proven Weary's point for 

          Wingfoot contributed to Maret's 'Philosopher's Guide' from his first hike in 1985 up to Maret's leaving the publication. Each year Maret sent Wingfoot thanks telling him "you have single-handedly updated the 'Philosopher's 

             That, of course, includes the 1990 version Jim praises...

              Therein is the textbook definition of prejudice...

OK, I'm going to weigh in here.  First of all, it speaks volumes that so many of us have saved the last Philosopher's Guide.  Darrell Maret had a light touch and was always encouraging.  I felt very empowered by his guide.  Second, even I'm listed in the Acknowledgements as being a contributor, because I wrote him about a leaky roof at the old Low Gap Shelter.  I had forgotten that until I just looked for Wingfoot's listing.  And Darrell Maret wrote and thanked me in return.  Really nice guy.  

So how do you figure that Weary's point is proven and that prejudice is involved?